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Side Note:
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Do you wake up on your own, and wonder where you are? You wake up with all your faults....

I have said it before, and I will say it again. As funny as the statement sounds, I mean it wholeheartedly:
Something about having a vagina makes this gender take life way too seriously.
So many women nitpick, overanalyze, pick apart and overthink each and every thing another person does. There is no "innocent until proven guilty," instead its "guilty and sentenced until you've got one hell of an appeal."
I'm thankful I'm not normally this way. Admittedly, we ALL have our moments, but until there is something truly worth taking note of and it included a stack of evidence I can't ignore, I'm pretty much down to pull the hat back over my face and go back to napping on the porch swing.
As a previously married woman, I've been in or around enough groups of women discussing their marriages woes (which 90% of the time are more like marriage whines) to know that women are extremely critical of their spouses and especially their spouses interactions with others of the feminine species.
Newsflash, ladies: Men are almost completely oblivious that a woman is flirting with them until her clothes are coming off.
Therefore, they don't care that Secretary Slutty and PFC Bimbo are flirting with them. They don't notice, and they don't care. They're at work. Working. And when they get home and check Facebook or email or their phone? Men aren't like us. They don't think "Whoa whoa WHOA. Why is this person adding me/messaging me? What are their motives? Huh? HUH?!"
Nope. Thaaat's just us. This is my artistic rendering of what I see happening:

(Link to the full image here.)

Moral of the story: Don't be a crazy person. There are something you just need to let slide. If something really is up, it will become apparent, but digging, prying, and making somethings out of nothings only leads to dissension. Trust, love, and grow. Don't be silly.

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  1. Haha.. this is a true story. The other day the hubby, my dad and I went to tilted kilt (it's a hooters-esqu restaurant for those who don't know) and the waitress was hitting on him in front of me. My dad leaned over and said that he should tell the waitress to stop because I was there. My husband looks at my dad with all seriousness and says "stop what?" He honestly didn't even notice that this chick was hitting on him. I almost died laughing. (however, for the record I am not the possessive wife so I could care less that the waitress was trying to get a bigger tip out of him by flirting... unfortunately for her though I paid and the rest of her service was horrific. I guess she should have just flirted with me instead lol)


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