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Side Note:
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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Downfall of Social Etiquette...

Social networking sites are amazing and revolutionary. They aid families and friends in staying touch with one another, keeping up-to-date with news and in theory all of this is great and helpful. However, with all good ideas there are flaws.
In addition to staying in touch, you are also able to keep tabs, in addition to knowing news with your family, sometimes your family's news becomes public news because people do not draw a line between personal/private and public. Instead of remembering the age old rules of social etiquette where-in we do not spread our business or the fights we have between one another or involve other people, we now post them on these sites. We do it for different reasons: Some post their irritations with people because they can do it indirectly without directly pointing a finger but still getting their message across, some post to receive some sort of vindication because inevitably one person always agrees with you no matter how wrong you are, and some simply enjoy the dramatics that ensue. For whatever the reason, this seems commonplace on these social networks and so instead of being the peaceful means of finding loved ones and keeping in touch and showing we care, they become a place of public animosity and backhanded commentary.
Social networking sites aren't the only thing to blame, however. The cell phone is a culprit as well. I find myself guilty of using it as a means of getting things done, especially if I don't want roped into having to speak with someone. When did it become an inconvenience to socialize with my friends and family? When did having to make a five minute phone call become justifiably replaceable with a ten second text? Do I have sensitive vocal chords? Am I really so high and mighty that the chore of having to listen to someone's small talk before the actual message of intent for my call is delivered is unbearable?
And other than to Erik, I can not remember the last time I wrote someone a letter. A real letter. Not an email, not even a typed and printed letter, but instead sat down with a pen and paper and just wrote to someone.
I have to go check my email...heh.


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  1. I lol'd at the second part of this. I think we're all pretty guilty of it all. You already knoooow how I feel about the first part, heh.


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