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Side Note:
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life is Like a Box of Chocolate Covered Cherries...

So today has been rather busy. I've been trying to do laundry, clean, organize as well as work on some baking and cooking.
I decided to start the day by continuing to sort the laundry while tossing already sorted loads in. My laundry room is directly across from our spare room, currently Erik's man room. Well. That room has his man things and his army stuff in it, but at the time it was also sort of the catch all room for unpacked boxes, partially unpacked boxes and things we hadn't organized yet. While constantly bending to reach for laundry I kept staring at the room and it kept taunting me, so finally once the loads were sorted, I tackled it full force. Erik's man room is now clean, organized and functional. His weight bench is not longer a shelf, his behemoth of a television is no longer a table and the spare desk is now usable. I even put our posters up in there. I think it will make him happy.
Of course, cleaning the man room meant the boxes had to go somewhere. Our garbage men won't take them unless its "bulk day" which they have yet to tell us when that they were sort of everywhere in the garage and as I transported boxes from the man room to the garage, something snapped and I simply could not stand it anymore. All of those boxes that are empty are now in the storage cubby at the end of the garage. The storage tubs are still near the shelves stacked, but neater, and getting to the car isn't an obstacle course. The Halloween decorations are tucked back away and the Christmas decorations and tree are easily accessible. Go me!
After the boxing, I proceeded to frame the rest of Erik's certificates that I'd finally found in his things. They are now hanging on display down our hallway.
When I got back to the kitchen, i tidied up a bit and found that my bananas were getting spotty too quickly, so now, at random intervals on the counters of my kitchen there are bananas. Bananas release a gas that causes them and other fruits around them to brown faster, but when they aren't kept in a bunch they brown much more slowly, so silly as it seems, there is a reason for my bananas to be randomly strewn across the kitchen.
After strategically placing my bananas, I decided to finish up my project of making homemade chocolate-covered cherries. Remind me next time that I don't want to make these again, please? Someone? Anyone?
Though they are tasty, the time it takes to make them combined with the mess is just not worth it in my opinion. It was messy and frustrating. First you have to drain and freeze the cherries. Then cover them in a very sticky, very temperamental coating that eventually turns into that creamy filling around the cherry. After coating them in that and freezing them again, you must quickly dip them in chocolate and get them onto wax paper. If you don't dip them quickly, the coating gets into the melted chocolate and makes it clumpy. Here are some pictures:

After all that, you're supposed to let them cure two weeks in the fridge for the middles to get soft and creamy and the flavor to develop. Erik is home next week. Good luck on that two week curing process happening!


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  1. They look good!

    Btw, I am sooo picturing random bananas strewn across your kitchen right now, and loling. XD I might have to take up your strategy, though.


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