Side Note:

Side Note:
For those who haven't figured it out, or haven't been here: The titles of most of the blogs here are song lyrics. If you google them, it should take you to the song and the song is good to listen to before, during, or after reading to help set the tone of the blog. I find music to be very cohesive with reading and writing.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fried Chicken, "Taters", Corn & Biscuits...

Woke up this morning with a throbbing head and neck. I feel a sinus infection coming on. I also remembered that I forgot to cancel my check up with my doctor today. (Oops.) So this week sometime when I feel like being shuffled around on the phone I'll have to call to reschedule that. In the meantime, I'm busy at work strategizing and designing a plan for my Etsy shop. I am hoping maybe it will keep me busy as well as bring in a little extra income while Erik is deployed. Ew. I hate that word. It makes the my mouth feel heavy and thick. I need a nicer word for "while Erik is away" or "while Erik is overseas." Yeah. That one sounds better. "While Erik is overseas..." makes it sound more like he is a businessman in a suit and tie carrying a briefcase and strolling around laughing and chatting with someone while discussing the weather and politics.
Don't laugh. Sometimes denial and pretending just helps.
Anyways, I washed dishes again. (Well that's not technically true, there is still a pan soaking so I'm not quite done yet, but I will be soon!) I wish I could tell you I did something else exciting, but really other than clicking and moving little things here and there and filling out information for shipping and finances and such on Etsy, my day hasn't been too terrible eventful.
Tonight I'm making dinner for John, Beth and Jonathon. You see, my family is really mostly from the South, so we love really good homemade, comfort foods and southern-style cooking. My brother, John, fell in love with Beth, who is from and living in Connecticut. Being the gentleman he is, he moved to her rather than asking her to come to Tennessee and so not only does he miss the food he grew up with, but Beth has also been introduced to all of our foods and traditions so she loves them to. Since Erik and I were just stationed at Fort Drum, New York in July, we now live much closer to John and Beth so my dear brother has decided that when I visit now I can make him food. Besides, I love to be in the kitchen so I happily oblige.
On the menu for the evening is fried chicken, mashed potatoes, (or "taters" as my mom calls them) corn & biscuits. I considered getting really energetic and making a pie, but I don't really want to monopolize Beth's kitchen for an entire evening.
It's hard to explain the feeling that being in the kitchen gives me. It's like I get in the zone and am completely alone and its just me and the task at hand. It's my form of meditation. It relaxes me completely and I feel at peace and comfortable. I could be having the absolute most terrible, stressful, hectic day and if I can come home and get into the kitchen and just cook then all that just seems to disappear and I'm left with a delicious meal to share.
It's a wonder everyone I know isn't fat.

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