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Side Note:
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Monday, March 7, 2011

I Already Knew He Was Awesome...

This weekend it was made clear to me that my husband is awesome for the following reasons:
  • He listens.
  • He pays attention.
  • He remembers seemingly meaningless dates and facts.
  • He does not get drunk and start acting ridiculous.
Friday evening Erik came home and asked if I would like to go see a couple of our friends as well as meet a new couple. I agreed that since we had no plans for Friday evening that it sounded like fun so I got ready to go. We picked up the new couple from the temporary lodging because their car is being worked on and they aren't moved into housing yet. His name is Jim and hers is Giselle. I didn't talk much with him, but I talked with her and she's a sweetheart and gets my sarcasm, so that was an automatic in as far as I was concerned.
We got to Tommy and Stephanie's house and the boys started playing games and having a few drinks while the girls spoiled Giselle's tiny Shih tzu puppy and talked at the kitchen table.
I'd reason that somewhere around four hours later, two of the boys were pretty drunk. Things they were saying weren't making much sense anymore and they seemed to be having more trouble staying on topic or focusing on games. They began to do that classic thing guys do when they are drunk where they talk about things as if they are great philosophers and are opening all of our eyes to new ideas and wonderments. Needless to say, Aristotle they were not. Erik, however, remained quiet and observant, taking open opportunities to make tiny sarcastic jabs at his opponents who were helpless to fight back or were blindsided and remained so, unaware the attack had even occurred until they realized everyone else was laughing but them. As the two drunk boys disappeared into the bedroom to have a "who has the better gear" fight amongst themselves, Erik listened and jumped in on the ladies' conversation and began to flex his own neuro-muscles as he recalled dates and facts about me most men don't know: The date we met, the date we met in person, the first song we ever danced to, the day he proposed, my favorite colors, flowers, eye color, height, bra size, etc. The ladies were pretty shocked and awed. I felt like baking him a dozen cookies and doing a Superman-esque pose in my apron. I have Super-Hubby! Haha! The boys returned unaware of the onslaught they were about to face. The quizzes began immediately and as I watched the looks of panic pass over their faces I felt compassionate enough to try to save them. One mention of "buck-ninety-nine chicken nuggets and McDonald's" to the table and the pregnant lady was ready to pack up and go get food. I shuffled everyone but the two sheepish drunk boys out the door and to get them food while we picked up food and I basked in the compliments of how lucky I am and how awesome he is. I revelled quietly and when we got back we found the two curled up on the couches knocked out. We bid everyone adieu and headed home, proud and happy and puffed with pride.


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