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Side Note:
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tell Your Boyfriend If He Says He's Got Beef, That I'm a Vegetarian...

I am baffled by modern science each day. Philip Defranco mentioned in his MWF show something about someone creating a paper phone (which isn't actually made of paper, but is instead just paper-thin phone) and found myself thinking how much we have progressed within the last one hundred years. I mean really, even within just the last ten we've revolutionized the way we live our daily lives.
However, with progression comes regression. Nearly every device we carry with us this day in age contains a camera, and most of these have video functionality. Now in many ways, this is a wonderful thing! Many criminals have been caught thanks to people candidly capturing them on their video devices! People have cause abusers, thieves, and much more on their devices. Sometimes people even catch things that turn out to show people with great talents and propel them somewhere that without video, they would have never been. (i.e. Golden Voice)
I am all for these purposes! These are great! It feels like things like this or keeping in contact with loved ones across distances are exactly what video technology on phones and ipods was made for.
What these things were NOT made for, however, is slow, long and agonizingly torturous videos to force your friends to watch. The panic attack I suffer from each time I hear "Hey! Check out this video of my cat!"  The nausea I suffer when I hear "Oh man, watch this awesome video of me singing drunk at this party!"  Or the desire that grips me to repeatedly pummel myself with the nearest heavy object when someone says "Wait wait, let me show you this one of litte Timmy almost eating peas by himself" when in reality little Timmy is drooling all over himself staring at the video camera motionless for three minutes of the three minute and fifteen second video.  Remember the jokes about people who made you look at pictures of their kids from their wallets?  Remember making fun of people for asking you to watch their slideshows of their vacations?  This is the same thing. Technological progression does not excuse your social regression. Unless I really insist to see your video, I probably don't care. Unless it's had atleast 100k views on Youtube, it probably isn't as funny as you seem to think. Unless you want to stare at the entirety of my photo collection while duct-taped to a chair with your eyes taped open, do not attempt to torture me please. I am better at it than you. Like everything else.


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