Side Note:

Side Note:
For those who haven't figured it out, or haven't been here: The titles of most of the blogs here are song lyrics. If you google them, it should take you to the song and the song is good to listen to before, during, or after reading to help set the tone of the blog. I find music to be very cohesive with reading and writing.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ah, The Happy Home-maker!

Up at 7:00AM, out of bed and feeding the dog, letting her outside, give her her Milkbones, unload the dishwasher, eat a donut, check the email & Facebook, check the finances, thaw ingredients for Super Bowl party food, package cell phones to send to dad, get dressed, run to the post office, come home and tend to the hubby ;), feed him a donut and set him up for his relax day, vacuum the floors and furniture, shake the rugs, sweep, mop all the floors including the common area that the neighbor insists on tracking mud through and never cleaning, scrub counters and tables, put breakables away and hide the white tablecloth, get out all the ingredients that are now thawed and ready to go, start pizza dough in the bread maker, get a call from mom, get on Skype with mom and family, find out my Skype is out of date, download Skype and install, video conference through Skype with family, realize I need to eat so I make a sandwich roll, continue Skyping and eating but feel ill so feed Erik the sandwich roll, beep beep beep dough is done, start second batch of dough and explain that I'd love to continue Skyping but I actually do have to go, bake carrot cake, talk to mom on the phone about Skype, pizza dough and cake of course finish simultaneously, grab both and cake is a little over done, curse under breath and add pizza dough to other pizza dough which, though in the refrigerator, is still rising for some reason, heat pan and brown pork for egg rolls, add veggies and seasonings and finish the filling then stuff wrappers and seal to bake tomorrow, take stubborn and slightly over-baked cake out of pans and fill and ice, mix up green and yellow frostings for decorating while staining my hands (of course,) finish cake, clean kitchen, talk to mom again, check email, check Facebook, write blog, SLEEP.

I'm so tired.



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  1. You do too much! Ha. Please enjoy the fruits of your labor today. I have already instructed Erik to make you do so. ;)


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