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Side Note:
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tis The Season...

Well, technically t'was the season seeing as how Christmas and now New Years are both past. Everything ran by pretty smoothly, I'd say.
A week prior to Christmas, Erik's mother, her husband and Erik's younger brother came to visit. They only had one day and night they could afford to stay, but it was worth it. Erik's been very insistent on seeing any family we can, but especially on his parents coming to see us because he wants them to not only see him before he deploys for the first time, but also see our home and the things he has worked for. After all the rough times we had within our first year of marriage, this second year we feel incredibly blessed and lucky because things could be much tougher for us than they are. So many couples, young, military and otherwise crack under the pressures of the first two years and especially through financial difficulties but I think our love, respect, and trust in God and each other helps us pull through things. Anyway, back to the topic at hand: The visit with Erik's mom and company was awesome. I made a huge meal (with way too much food, as always) and we all had a great time together playing games and watching movies. (I took a brief intermission to clean because I couldn't bare the food sitting on the table any longer. I know my best friend Heather will empathize with me on this.) When we were done I carried a few leftovers up to my upstairs neighbor. She's pregnant and in the military (so is her husband) and so I share with her when we can because if I was pregnant and working and alone I think I'd want some company and free food when it was offered. I do feel bad though because we have introduced ourselves twice now and both times I have forgotten her first name, I'm not sure why. It's frustrating.
Anyway, after Kari, Joseph and Brandon left, Erik and I tidied up and celebrated our Christmas early. We opened all our gifts (which we were happily, equally surprised with) and gave Rory her stocking. The next morning we packed the car and headed to Connecticut to see my brother, John, and my soon-to-be sister-in-law, Beth for Christmas. We had a great time visiting them from a few days before Christmas until the day after New Year's. Beth has a huge Italian family and they all do get-togethers on Christmas Eve and Christmas, so Christmas Eve we party-hopped and Christmas day we spend the afternoon fattening ourselves up on her mother's cooking. The rest of the days were relaxing and fun.  John and Beth do a lot of the same things as us and they make us feel comfortable. John and Erik can play games together while Beth and I shop or we can all pull down a few board games and play together. (It must be said, however, that the boys are not always the best sports when it comes to Outburst. How are "antagonist" "suspect" and "murderer" not synonymous enough to count as "villain"?)
It was sad to leave, but after the drive home pulling into the garage and seeing all our things is nice. Walking in the door and knowing we're home is an amazing feeling. This is our home. The place we live and love together. The place Erik works to provide for and I work to maintain.
A belated Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!


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  1. You know I would have put that food away like, right away. XD I totally get it!

    It sounds like you guys had a great holiday. :)


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